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play with fire

just another gurl. mountain man. pizza hut waitress. enjoys life. wants to move to canada when she grows up. fug, but wants a nose job. needs to lose a few pounds. (can't fit into her fives.) needs a boy to pretend to fall in love with. needs to read more. who doesn't?

please join my community, owmybones. it's a new baby!
accordians, africa, ahh real monsters, alfred hitchcock, aliens, angry beavers, anorexia, art, balenciaga, batman, beatles, black and white, bobsled, bones, boober fraggle, books, britain, british comedy, bruises, bulimia, burlesque, cabbage head, calouries, canada, car rides, cartoons, catholocism, cigarettes, cinema, classic horror films, classic lit, clint eastwood, clothing, colour, comic books, condiments, cough syrup, countries, cult classics, curling, dachshunds, darkwing duck, dave the dog, delusions of grandeur, diet snapple, dinosaurs, dinsdale, disney, dumpster chic, dxm, eating disorders, emotions, ennio morricone, fashion, film, food, fraggle rock, france, gavin, good bad ugly, hands, harpo marx, henry david thoreau, heroin chic, hiding from boys, history, jazz, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, kitsch, laundry, legs, lewis carroll, little arms, little legs, lorne michaels, marx brothers, mary kate, mary shelley, mel brooks, monty python, mountain men, movies, muppets, music, night, notlob, old crappy movies, old hollywood, old man grumpus, old movies, old nickelodeon, photography, plan 9, pretty people, psychology, pushing daisies, radioactive mutant zombie aliens, radiohead, recess, reggae, reservoir dogs, ribcages, roald dahl, robots, rocket, rocko's modern life, romanticism, rubberbands that go snap-snap, rubik's cube, russian lit, salute your shorts, saturday night cinema, saturday night live, sci-fi, scissors, sergio leone, silent film, silly putty, skinny people, skoora the gentle shark, sock monkeys, space, space invaders, spaghetti westerns, star trek, star wars, stars, swahili, swamp witches, tattoos, television, the 90s, the great white north, the laundromat, the spanish inquisition, thrift stores, thrifting, toe rings, transcendentalism, ugly people, vintage, westerns, whales, words, wrists, writing, writing incredibly short poems, yellowstone, zombies